SUPA Apparel - The Rising Clothing Brand. The Man Behind It and What It's All About

My name is Isaac Paul Chavez

Born n raised in GI NE 1414 St Paul Rd #78 in Pioneer Estates

I grew up sharing an uber tiny bedroom with my bro.

My sister had her own room and then my parents had their room.

The area wasn’t bad, had a park set up, some gang members here and there. I seen a kid get his whole life turned upside down by 7-8 guys and still managed to walk away. And when I say turned upside down, he literally got thrown onto a car and off, a brick thrown at his head, brutal stuff! We rode bikes around the trailer park, played basketball in my driveway, skateboarded a lot in the trailer park... eventually I would browse around town with my cousins and homies. We would have friends all over the east side of town to 4th st to Broadwell... had a lot of freedom at an early age.

My home away from home was the ymca where I played a lot of basketball. I liked it because I felt I could be myself, I wasn’t getting into trouble and people liked to watch others play ball if they were good. I thought of myself as pretty good. 

I loved Michael Jordan, my bro always managed to get me his dopest shoes to hoop in which I think my dad wears now. 

My dad worked a lot, my mom and dad split up and when my bro wasn’t around for the most part I would be with my older sister at home or she would have to take me with her wherever she went. I am the baby of the family, I had the most freedom. 

Eventually I would live with my sister when I was in the 8th grade I think, my dad allowed me to live with her and her bf. They would marry and I was their son lol / little brother. 

I managed to make it thru high school, I was on the basketball team, was on a state basketball team my freshmen year, played all other 3 years but Jr and Sr years were a disaster. I was out of control. I was drinking and did other stuff, I was reckless and I got into trouble. 

Enough about the dark downer stuff, how  about clothing, branding, Stay UP Apparel or SUPA.

I am 34 years old now, I feel that I have earned the right to be of some motivation or encouragement to other young kids or even grown adults. 

As far as clothing, I always loved the way you feel once you purchase a new shirt, throw it on and look in the mirror and say, ”damn this shirt is legit!” The texture, the smell, the fit, how that color and graphic pop out... why not have SUPA be that brand that makes you feel that way?

Stay UP is a term I always say to people when they are going thru some rough stuff, have had adversity or even myself, when I feel like I am down and things are to heavy to get back up. I also think of Stay UP as a way of life, the grind, the hustle. When I lived in Lincoln, NE, staying up late was normal, moon light to sun up, drunk in the morning til it would wear off by 11-noon, then plan to do the same thing again. Stay UP turned into more of a necessity when I started to get my life together getting a full time job, going to school full time and partying full time. Doing all that, I maintained a 3.8 GPA, was an Assistant Manager at Foot Locker and I still made time to party lol it’s not easy but it’s doable. I don’t know why partying isn’t on a resume, bc to me, anyone that can balance a job, do good in school and party is impressive. 

UP = Uncertainty Possibility

So many things in life are Uncertain and we scare easily. The Possibilities can be endless or can be straight out 50/50 good or bad. Fear is what holds most people back from capitalizing on something far greater than what they could ever imagine. 

Sharing an idea in class, talking to the girl of your dreams, being a business owner even though you really don’t have a support system and know nothing, being 5’4” playing basketball against guys that are 6’4”, changing your whole families history or at least trying...

In the 3rd grade, I got into trouble selling basketball cards to my classmates. My teacher, RIP, opened my crayon box and found the money and cards and sharpies(I could forge signatures of NBA players) and yeah... she took my money. That’s when I knew I liked the transaction of exchanging goods, I had a few customers and I made some money.

I knew what I wanted growing up. I wanted a house with a basement and a back yard, I wanted to be successful, have a family one day, be a motivational speaker, have my own clothing brand that my hometown would support and I would see it everywhere, I wanted to give back to the less fortunate and travel the world to see how others lived day by day. My story is a cake walk to a lot of others in worser circumstances, and I think you find some of the best most successful people have to overcome adversity, humility, failure and be told “No” over and over. 

It’s like a stronger person that has punched you in the face or tripped you and you are on the ground trying to get back up and they keep pushing you down every time... when eventually you fight back scrap and get back to your feet and take him/her head on, you don’t run away.

Realistically I see SUPA as a clothing line that will just float on. Some people will try to do to much, some will give up once they find out they can’t sell and some aren’t passionate about what they are doing so again, they give up.

I have nothing but time to have my clothing continue to grow and grow. I believe timing is everything and we should be learning something every day. And my clothing means something every time I put out a T or Hoodie. It comes from within, it comes from life, it comes from what I have learned. Therefore, if I jump into it to fast and force things, it won’t mean anything, people will see that and Stay UP will lose it’s authenticity and won’t be real anymore. It’ll be just another lame clothing brand(maybe people already think that lol)

When the time is right, I want to open a retail location, have a spot where people are known on a first name basis, they can go somewhere to find not only SUPA brand but other local names.

The biggest thing I want now is to leave a legacy behind for my two girls, my nieces and nephews.I think it’s played out to say, “I want my kids to know the value of hard work” bc in reality in the world we live in now, there’s working hard and working smart, but definitely not cutting corners if that makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong, my clothing is for anybody and everybody. But it is nice for people to know what Stay UP/SUPA stems from. It’s more than just a name. It’s for the future superstars that messed up, been told no, been told they aren’t nothing, skater, music artist, father, MMA fighter, mechanic, someone who wants something more for themselves.

I’ll end with this and this is for anyone; believe in something, believe in yourself, believe that there is something more for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge following or 1 follower... don’t take that 1 follower for granted, ever. Be real, don’t wear a mask, it’s tough to breath that way. Let it all out in the open, God made you the way you were meant to be, 1 of a kind. I know there is no other Isaac Paul Chavez that has my heart and soul. I am so grateful and humbled by the people that purchase my clothing, and being able to see people post pics in them with a caption saying, “this is my new fav hoodie” or “check out the homies new clothing @supa_414”! 

Big thank you to my wife whom is my biggest supporter and model ❤️, Haris Talundzic who’s been reppin since First and ForMost and the Future World Champ, Marley Young who’s been reppin as well, Billy GOAT check him out/one of my favorite rappers, top 5 best and everyone else that rocks SUPA... THANK YOU! 

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Isaac P Chavez

Call or Text 308-390-0840 Stay UP Apparel @supa_414


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