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Okay, okay. Let’s be real. We all had such high expectations for 2020.

It started out a great year. We were all getting into the groove, working toward new goals, finally going to accomplish big things. And then March hit and it’s like none of it mattered anymore. Right?

Although it may seem like life is on hold, we need to continue to work toward those goals and dreams because life isn’t over.

Part of staying on track is to take care of ourselves. We can’t be 100% for our kids, spouses, business or anyone else if we aren’t healthy.

My advice: take care of your Mind, Body & Soul now more than ever.


Mindset is the most important part of your daily routine. Making sure you wake up and go to bed with the right attitude will literally change your life.

Beauty Sleep. I hear you mama’s out there laughing. I know getting a solid 6-8 hours of sleep as a parent is hard. I also know that Netflix sucks us all in and next thing you know it’s 1:00 am. Rest when your body tells you. Running on no sleep with catch up to you quickly, causing extra stress, weight gain and yucky skin. Sleep my friends, it’s good for you and everyone you live with.

Read the best book ever written- your bible. This alone with set your mind in the right direction. You’ll love life more after reading all the good things God has done for us.

Gratitude Journaling. Years ago I started making a list everyday of all the things I’m thankful for. This is so important, especially on the hard days. This is the journal I got to start 2020 with. It’s the perfect journal to find the good in each day.

Get Up & Move. I don’t care if it’s dancing in your living room, cleaning your house, running or jumping on the trampoline in your backyard. Get up and move. Your spirits will be lifted within seconds.

Read Non Fiction. It’s good to just escape the real world once in a while. We all need that sometimes, can I get an Amen?!

Love Deeply. The people in your house who have been quarantined with you are your people. They might be driving you crazy, but love them with all you have. Right now that’s all you have. And it’s a beautiful thing.


We only get one so we better take care of it the best we can.

Sunless Tan. Or better yet, get out into the real deal and soak up that vitamin D. A little color makes all the difference and vitamin D will just make you so happy. If you’re out in the real sun- wear sunscreen. I promise when you’re thirty something you’ll regret not wearing sunscreen.

Drink Your Weight in H2O. Drinking coffee til it’s an acceptable wine time is not actually okay. Water. Water. And then more water. That’s the only way to keep your gut feeling good and your skin glowing from within.

At Home Facials. Once again, mama’s I hear you. Lock yourself in the bathroom and enjoy 10 minutes of peace. This berry scrub is my all time favorite. Use it as a scrub after cleansing your face and let it sit on like a mask for 5 minutes. It’s glorious. After you’ve washed it off and used moisturizer, add a drop of rejuveniqe oil to your finger tips and put all over your face. Seriously, your skin will glow like you’ve never seen before. You’re welcome in advance.

Wash & Style Your Hair (at least once a week.) yep, I know.. why?! We aren’t going anywhere. But hear me out. I find that if I do this once a week I feel better. Not only can I go longer in between washes, but I feel more like a human and less like a slob. Here’s my wash & style routine these days.

Renew Shampoo

Replenish Masque

Restore Leave in Conditioner

Blow out Cream

Refinish Control Hairspray

Rejuveniqe Oil Light


I honestly don’t care what it is.. maybe it’s painting, home decor, doing your nails or dancing in your underwear. If it makes you happy, do it. And do it every day.

I hope this helps you find happiness in these weird times.



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